wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

After publishing here million unnecessary things which I came across accidentally like: poems , quotations , pictures or videos FINALLY ( yay!) I decided to write something .

So , I 've found recently a song on one of my facebook friend's wall and i get totally amazed (You know, THAT feeling)
Here you got  :

Personally , that  song relax me perfectly . I just love that jazz - smooth, which Voytas put into it .
Definitely ' must -play' during saturday nights fevers .
After a couple of ' replays ' I realized that actually I've  knew that song before .
While browsing one of my fav fashion blog I've run across that song but in other video version .
Actually , it was like one year ago .
Here it is , fabolous video directed by Nick Knight with absolutely amazing Kate Moss .

And even If I found Evan quite handsome guy (honestly!) , this version is like perfectly sized dress on pretty woman . Diamond !
Here is where You can download "Tommorow night we will go anywhere" :

Some random info about Evan's creativeness :

Hope You enjoy it ,  calm , smooth evening to You all !